Video of the day

Condoleezza Rice

What amazes me is how politicians will say one thing on camera, and then deny they said it on yet another camera. Either they don’t understand the concept of how cameras work, or they hope their constituents don’t see the offensive recording, but will see them denying same.

The video in question is a 2 part fiasco…

  1. Rice tells 4th grader torture is legal
  2. Rice denies she approved torture

6 thoughts on “Video of the day

  1. when i went to cuba,i had pity for them ,to live in total poverty,no roads,old clothes but when i stoped and look at our situation,i think we are the ones that needs pity,our goverment is trying to kill us every way they can and most people dont even care,lets just change subject and play video games….cant wait for the plagues,justice will be done soon.


    • Amen truthseeker,
      Strange thing is, when you look at how certain drugs and GMO type products used in agriculture are illegal in almost all countries except the USA, you begin to see the big picture. Yes, many die from these strange things, but before doing so Americans will drain their insurance and then life savings to prevent their deaths, and the AMA knows this! That is why we see chemtrails over head filled with lethal drugs, all sorts of pharmaceuticals in drinking water, and all sorts of drugs and preservatives in store bought foods. They make literally trillions of dollars on the unsuspecting people that don’t know they are buying products that slowly poison them. One one think people would have learned from the way the cigarette companies got caught red handed making addicting products they knew killed people.

      If there’s a buck to be made, they will make it! What amazes most people is the Vatican inspired politicians help them continue this mass murder. If enough money is handed to a Senator or Congressman you can rest assured laws will be passed that will allow for more deaths and more AMA money.

      How do they keep this deception going? It’s like you said truthseeker. Tv, movies, video games, music, whatever. These smokescreens keep the people happy. All the way to the grave.

      The plague swill be here soon enough. All this killing is grieving the Lord.


  2. I agree Caz!

    Just the other day I saw a video of a guy complaining about how we as a nation are asked if we want this… or that.. in government. Even if we come back with a resounding no, they go ahead and do it anyway. One example has to be the fact that 80% of the people polled said NO BAILOUT for the banks! Yet, they did it anyway.

    So yes, I agree.. it’s as if they have a different sense of reality and rules.


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