Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop

As we all know, the Banks in America are playing the fail game. I say playing because if any of you have read or even skimmed the research manual titled, “America 2000 / Goals 2000 – moving the nation educationally to a “new world order.” Yes, even the title is huge, but if you’ve seen this book, (not sure if it’s online, but I did find a site selling it.) you will find that the so called collapse of the Banks here in America was planned decades ago so as to create the New World Order. Truth is, this was planned 2000 years ago when Satan saw Jesus resurrect!

In the article I posted on the site, it says the following…

The Federal Reserve could become the supercop for “too big to fail” companies capable of causing another financial meltdown under a proposal being seriously considered by the White House.”

First off, what many fail to realize is, the “Federal Reserve” is a private company! The only thing federal about it is it’s name! Men that worship money have been running this scam with the United States Government’s help so as to come to today’s scenario. All this talk about economic collapse and financial meltdowns is nothing more than bold faced lies. They need for the “Feds” to have control of all the money because as the saying goes, “whoever controls the money controls the world.”

Let’s use common prophetic sense for a moment shall we? If all the Banks around the world are allowed to have their own CEO’s and rule and regs, how easy will it be for Rome to enforce the mark of the Beast on people by threatening their ability to buy and sell? For the sake of illustration, let’s assume for the moment there are only 10000 banks worldwide. When the Vatican wants to remove the ability to buy and sell from people around the wolrd that refuse to bow to their mark, aka. Sunday Laws, they will have to convince 10000 bankers to go with the flow. However, if they have ONE person in charge who is already in bed with the Pope, it will be an easy task. Hence, the next excerpt of the article…

” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other officials made it clear they were not inclined to divide the job among various regulators as has been suggested by industry and some federal regulators. Geithner told the group that one organization needs to be held responsible for monitoring systemwide risk. “Committees don’t make decisions,” said Geithner, according to one participant.”

And who do you suppose they want as that “one organization” to run all the banks worldwide?

” Officials from the Treasury Department and National Economic Council, which hosted the meeting, told participants that the Fed was considered the most likely candidate for the job, according to several officials who attended or were briefed on the discussions.”

Prophecy clearly says…

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Isn’t it amazing to watch end time prophecy fulfill right before your eyes? The Bible said they will figure out a way to prevent people worldwide from buying and selling, and today we find they are making plans to control all the banks through one entity on Earth! Now do you see why remnant Christians are such a threat to their agenda? Our God has blessed us with the understanding of His prophetic Word. His Truth exposes their agenda in advance and makes the Truth of Scripture that much more relaiable in the eyes of those seeking TRUTH!


6 thoughts on “Obama wants Fed to be finance supercop

  1. When I try to witness to people and they don’t listen, I wonder why. Then all I can hear is “He who is holy let him be holy still,he who is unholy let him be unholy still”. I know this isn’t the correct verse, but its how its said in my head. When I read the prophicies and see them unfolding right in front of us. All i can think is “The race is not given to the swift or to the strong but he who endures to the end.” We as Christian need to endure, hold on. Our time is not over yet. I will proclaim the name of Jesus until the end. “At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tounge shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Like Brother Nic said The winds are beginning to blow and i can sense it also. Everything is lining up. Satan is making his final run. Lets hold on brothers hold on.


    • Amen! That is a good way of looking at it! The truth does keep us strong when we witness the insanity all around us.

      You know what works for me when I see souls that refuse the Truth, or accept it and then turn back? The fact that the elect cannot be deceived. The enemy of souls will appear to take people out of our number from time to time, and yes it will hurt when this is done. But the fact the elect cannot be deceived as Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 24:24 blesses my heart with the peace knowing the elect “…shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” (John 10:28) So when the men that are moved by Satan stroke their egos thinking they have taken souls from our number, I know now they haven’t really taken anyone. Their own has only gone back “as a dog returneth to his vomit…” (Proverbs 26:11) In other words, the number of souls headed for Heaven will continue to grow, and there’s is nothing the dragon can do to stop it.


  2. I haven’t but been around to see 2 presidents (Clinton and Bush) in action and rarely ever payed them any mind.

    But it seems to me that Obama’s presidency is very busy. I could be wrong…


    • Yes he is quite the busy man. Well, at least those that right his scripts are.

      One thing I have noticed however. By watching the last few presidents, we can see a clear pattern of acceleration in their acts. With each president comes a quicker and more complex performance in the passing of unjust laws that are designed to take away freedoms and set up Rome’s prophecied dragnet towards the mark. But then that too was to be expected in these last days…


      • they are plainly telling us that “swine flu” will come back real soon and that a vaccine will be mandatory!
        please people dont take that vaccine…it is not more than a normal flu and the media has been lying to us…dont underestimate the beast of the land,the beast of the sea is only profiting of the situation ….to enforce its mark,the real question is…does the pope knows what hes doing or is he that blind to the scriptures?
        does he really think hes in the grace of god? why was there a masonic symbol on john paul 2 coffin? i think the church of rome is the biggest lie ever made on earth,even beats 9/11 and that war on terror.
        why would anyone defy god?
        they know they cant win…….
        i just dont understand!!!!
        god bless you all,print everything you can on this site internet is almost over.


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