What do you think?


7 thoughts on “What do you think?

    • Amen to that! Some would think all the Roman architecture in all the County and State buildings would have opened a few eyes. They’ve been working on this from the start! But then, prophecy did warn us if that too.


      • There is a lot of disinfo out there to direct the so called “truth movement” away from the true men in power, that work hand in hand with Rome.

        All one has to do is research their history. Simple as that, they condemn their selves, even in today’s time. Problem is they are getting better at covering up themselves now lol. Darnit

        They get away with a whole lot of crimes, especially their militia the Jesuits.


      • Amen, their disinformation appears as truth to the sheeple that are too lazy to check it out. Sad thing is, this is how Rome works. They shoot for the odds on favorite of people being lazy. Every single Catholic I knew when I was trapped in that church never bothered to investigate their church. They just trusted their priests without question. I praise the Lord I was moved to look into the true history of the church! If I didn’t, I’d still be Catholic today.

        Same thing goes for the kids in school today. When I was young the truth about this nation starting due to Vatican murderous persecution was understood. But by the time I got to High school history somehow changed and they started to teach we started because of being over taxed in Britain!

        Yes they do get away with it. But not for long! Jesus is coming back no matter how much they lie and say He’s not.


  1. yes. A quick scan of all the Roman structures in D.C and across the nation is one quick way of seeing it. Also, fact that Wash D.C. was previously Rome, MD lol.


    • you know what everyone? today i went to the catholic church for my apostasy and i tried to give a french transcrypt about the antichrist,2 priest and the secretary did not even want to look at my paper,its like these persons know that their living a lie but are comfortable with it.
      just stupid and hypocrites they are.maybe the book of life is already closed?
      the chosen ones are already picked? god blessed this site and you nick.


      • Yes it is looking bad for them. However, they still have time to get out of Rome and find Christ. However, soon the books will be closed. How soon?

        “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” -Matthew 24:36


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