How would you improve this site?


8 thoughts on “How would you improve this site?

  1. Forums would be nice 🙂 to interact with other users of this site. Ask one another questions, discuss topics, would be good.


  2. I would to like the chat box!If not a testimonial would be nice. Where people can give their daily accounts of what happened during the day, week, month, or whatever. I know I go through some pretty amazing things, where through prayer and reading the word i overcome. Even if people give prayer request for family friends or themselves would be fine. In my opinion, if not i like it just the way it is. Very informative and eye opening.

    I think the testimonial, would give people assurance. That they are not the only one being persicuted on daily accounts.


    • Ok, I’m convinced. We need a chatbox. But.. is there one out there with no adverts? Even if it costs a few dollars, I’ll set one up. But it may take me a while because I need to search for one that’s not too expensive and has the features I need.


  3. I vote chat box. Or at least some kind of forum. Still a great site. A lot of hard work put in as many other sites have had hard work put in theirs.


  4. this site is the best one on the net,changed my life…a chatbox would be awesome and maybe the most recent e-mails? i found it was nice but i like this style too.besides the chatbox,this site is perfect,please people give donation to nic so he can continue to bring us truths to us that are less educated in god.


    • Yes a chat box would be great. One problem though, I haven’t been able to find one that has no adverts in it. I did try one for a day about a month or so ago and immediately it was a hit! But the advertising forced me to delete it.


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