Arrested for insulting the Vatican

Yesterday I came across a short article that reports on how some people were arrested and detained to be possibly fined, and most likely charged with the crime of offending Roman Catholic nuns. The short article in it’s entirety is as follows…

British tourists arrested on Crete over nun stunt

UK News online : 05-24-09

Seventeen British tourists were arrested on the island of Crete Sunday for insulting the Catholic church after they paraded themselves dressed “in nun attire and naughty lingerie“, police said. The Britons were arrested in the coastal town of Malia, a popular resort for young travellers with a long tradition of drunken tourist antics. They will be taken to a prosecutor to be officially charged and may be fined but are unlikely to be jailed for the misdemeanour offence, the police source said

There is a photo of a man dressed as a nun. But all it shows are what appears to be the hands of a man holding a rosary and a Catholic icon of the Pagan “Queen of Heaven,” while wearing the habit of a nun. I must ask, why is it they were arrested? Was it because they appeared to be dressed in drag as do many at homosexual events? No, it can’t be that as such activity as this is not only frequent, it is protected by law in most countries around the world now. Truth is, laws have been passed in some states allowing men to enter women’s rest rooms while wearing such clothing. Was it because they allegedly wore lingerie? No, it can’t be for that because no one ever gets arrested for that anymore. In fact, thanks to so called “rock goddesses” over the years, the fashion today in most cities is to wear portions of lingerie to the office and even to school as normal clothing now. It’s considered Vogue no less. Of course, only those without morals wear such things, but still, they aren’t arrested when doing so. So I ask, why were these men arrested? No I do not condone their activity in any way shape or form. What I do want to point out is the double standard here. They were arrested for the same reason 5 websites were shut down in 2002 for supposedly blaspheming Mary, or why Larry Weathers was threatened with death for a billboard exposing the Vatican in 2001, or a Radio announcer was gunned down on his front lawn in front of his family for insulting the Vatican on the air 8 years ago, or why anyone even wearing T-shirts that “annoyed” Catholics at the recent Australian youth day gatherings could be arrested and fined up to $5,500, or why two men were arrested for placing a curse on the Pope in 2000! I could literally go on and on with hundreds of articles about strange laws and blunt actions of the Vatican over the years that proves they are intolerant of even the slightest insult from those holding Bibles. But why such a fuss over a few words that expose them? It’s because the Vatican’s POWER is insulted, and they cannot have that! Especially since the Vatican is the one world power that all politicians agree to bow to, (literally) just as prophecy said they would.

So I must ask of all the dear and precious Catholics reading this post. Did Jesus ever have anyone arrested, or fined large fines for insulting Him each day He shared with the people?

Question: Why do people claim to be Christians when they do the exact opposite of Christ? It’s simple. Satan needs them to do this so as to make Christianity look as evil as all the other religions he created.


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