Obama says a baby = “punishment”

In the video section of the website I have a video titled, “Obama says a baby = punishment.” (click here to view it) In this video they go back and forth on the abortion issue wherein Obama at first claims “it’s above his pay grade” to speak on it. Yet, as the video continues we find he does speak on it on a regular basis, and he is for abortion, and even late term abortion. Especially if the “health” of the mother is in question. (We’ve all seen how the AMA lies about this, and the mother and baby still survive.) As McCain says in the clip, (at 0:46) they use this so called issue as a way to get the baby killed in almost any way they can. Still, the abortion issue is an agenda straight from Hell itself. But this is not why I posted the video. It’s because of the well hidden agenda of Satan that I posted it. Killing the babies has somehow found all sorts of “perfect excuses” lately that can appeal to almost any woman in any walk of life! If you’re poor, to kill the baby would save money! If you’re sick, to kill the baby would prevent your death. If you’re a career mom, to kill the baby would allow your career to flourish. If you’re a model, to kill the baby would possibly prevent stretch marks. If you’re boy crazy, to kill the baby would help you get the next guy you like in bed. I could go on for pages. The president of this Christian nation said, and I quote…

“I’ve got 2 daughters, nine years old, and six years old. I’m gunna teach them, first of all about values and morals. But, if they make a mistake, I don’t want them PUNISHED WITH A BABY.” –quote starts at 1:04 in video clip

In the same breath he says he will teach them, “values and morals” and in the next he teaches them murder is acceptable if you make a mistake? Ok..ok, so he doesn’t see this as murder. But did you catch what he really said here? It’s right there as plain as day, but most missed it I’m sure. It’s no different than the pretty girl who fears stretch marks, or the poor girl who fears being unable to buy diapers, he states their “MISTAKE” shouldn’t allow them to be “PUNISHED” with a baby! So kill it!

First off all.. why does the innocent baby have to suffer death simply because it’s parents were too eager to be guided by “values and morals” that would prevent them from ripping each others clothes off in an uncontrollable heat of passion? It’s almost as if the world is saying while we are “in the mood” we all become uncontrollable animals who will do as nature deems necessary. But once the deed is done, we once again become civilized with malice and forethought wherein we then use our higher abilities to think straight, which while in this higher and more civilized state of mind we make the choice to go back to our animal state of mind, if for only a moment, to kill the baby as a crazed animal does in the wild, even though while in our previous animal state of mind we knew pregnancy was a real possibility while acting like puppies in heat? Do9es your brain hurt too when contemplating such idiocies?

I must ask, how is it a mistake to take off your clothing and have sex? Ok.. ok, I get the “animal lust” thing, but none of us have clothing that simply falls off on command. I mean, it’s not we’re like tripping over a frayed section of carpet and then falling on top of someone who then mistakenly gets pregnant. A mistake would be something like misspelling a word on a school exam, or turning on to a one way street the wrong way. How is it a “mistake” when they consciously have the forethought to take the time to remove all their clothing, and then also make the decision to have sex, while knowing all along a baby might be the end result? It’s no mistake people! It’s tagged a “mistake” so they can justify the reason to kill the child! That’s all it is, plain and simple. It’s an excuse, and Obama, the leader of the so called free world is stating it proper “values and morals” to teach our children in America that if you have sex, and get pregnant, you can claim it a “mistake” and kill the child. Since it’s the law, the majority see no wrong in it.

Why did I bother to comment on such a thing as this? Is there a prophetic slant behind all this? Yes there is. Besides the fact that the leaders of this land have become as bloodthirsty as the Vatican prelates, it has to do with something I noticed long ago when I saw how the politicians twisted the “Roe vs. Wade” court case to legalize infanticide. When Moses, a “Messiah type” was born, the powers that be were moved by Satan to kill all the babies in the hopes of stopping the arrival of Moses. When Jesus was born, the same devil possessed leaders of the day killed many babies to try and get to baby Jesus. And now, right before Jesus returns, they’re again killing all the babies.

Could it be a global repeat of the Satanic blood sacrifice performed by this nation on D-day we see happening today? Or could it be they are so wrapped up in their heretical understanding of Christian prophecy that some Satanists in office actually believe the Jews message in thinking Messiah is still to be born, and so legalized infanticide should be able to kill him off?  In any event, they are in fact killing babies, and it has become not only acceptable, it can also prevent stretch marks, and a loss of careers if the baby should happen to arrive before Mommy was done climbing the corporate ladder. Yes, to abort today has actually become fashionable! May God have mercy on them! Soon, VERY soon, His judgment will be seen by the naked eye. Are you ready? ARE YOU SURE!?


3 thoughts on “Obama says a baby = “punishment”

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  2. I was just going over with my kids about the story of Moses. Why Satan tried to kill of the all first born sons, and their anger with the growing population of Christians(Isrialites).

    See, now their aim is to do away with Gods way. God says choose life, the Devil says choose death. It’s the same as choose ye this day whom ye will serve.

    It’s all in the planning of the mark. Either in the hand or the forehead. For the Mothers who do this they take it in the hand, and for the ones who accept it as its ok, they take it in the forehead. The hand signifies the work or actions and the forehead signifies the thoughts or ways.

    But we all know that abortions has been going on for ages and I agree. Its kind of funny once you think about it, and i’ll get to the point.

    We all know that the sacrificial system of killing the lamb, lead to the coming of the Messiah and his death. They were a shadow of things to come and they did. Christ came died and he is now Risen.

    Now the Devil wants to immitate Christ in every way possible to decieve (666). So this so called sacrificial system of killing babies, are supposed to lead to him. This is the Devils ultimate way of just outright going againt God and his Creation.

    The devil is still in the business of changing times and laws. Gay rights, Sunday laws, Abortion rights, Idol worship, Divorcement of wife, husband, and even parents! These are just some of the few that just go against everything God told us in the 10 commandments.

    This how you accept the devils mark taking on his image. People will accept everything and all things to take on the devils image. That goes for anyone of the above stated or any new law they decide to create.

    And as we all know these things will be enforced, when they implement this image like Beast. That they are know creating.

    God is good and I refuse to let go of his hand. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I hope we all meet in heaven with a howdy and never good-bye. We have already won this race, endure till the end!


    • Amen, anytime the people fall for such graphically evil acts like abortion as if they are acceptable, they are gently brainwashed into thinking anything evil is ok. And then as you intimated Calvin, accepting the mark of the beast will be that much easier for them.

      As for the image, that too is already apparent in today’s churches. They all fell for the idea that they need to get the 501C3 tax free status, and as the Word called them, these preachers of filthy lucre (money) follow the devil’s lead and allow Government to force them to create an image of the anti-christian beast. Now, all churches with the 501C3 are not only a State run church, like Rome. It is now illegal for them to speak against Rome. Their pulpits are chained! Sad thing is.. they don’t even know it, because they don’t understand basic prophecy.


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