Vatican spin-doctoring again

As we all know, the present pope has been trying, rather unsuccessfully I might add, to canonize Hitler’s pope as a saint. There are far too many pictures, documents and actual eye witnesses proclaiming pope Pius XII helped Hitler kill 6 million Jews and countless other Christians around the world, as well as Catholics to try and pull the onus off of the Vatican as being in bed with Hitler. For some odd reason the present pope wants to change historic record regarding the pope that helped Hitler kill millions. So, what do you suppose the Vatican would have to do to try and make Pius XII appear to be holy and innocent of all charges proven against him and this prophecied unholy office? They have to spin-doctor the history books once again to try and declare this pope a godly man. That being said.. is it any wonder the Vatican’s YouTube page would post a video stating Hitler tried to assassinate pope Pius XII?

See Rome’s attempt at changing history (again) in this video…

I would love to be able to stand on a high mountain in the midst of planet earth and ask for a show of hands as to how many know this is just another Vatican lie. Seriously, it’s not like the Vatican has ever shied away from using bold faced lies before. History is replete with them, and rather well documented to boot. This is prophetically speaking, the fruits of this beast. Case in point, may I remind you of the most recent lie they told for hundreds of years wherein they proclaimed themselves innocent of molesting boys? Truth is, they are still doing it to this day, and just recently caught red handed in Ireland. The truth is out there. Problem is, the majority of the sheeple love to keep their heads in the sand. Especially when it rocks their comfortable boats. What’s so sad is Catholic parents prefer that comfort over the protection of their own children!


6 thoughts on “Vatican spin-doctoring again

  1. Great article Nicholas.It is so plain to see the prophesy in revelation unfolding before our eyes. people get ready and read you’re bible because before you know it, the time is hear. Thank you Nicholas for opening my eyes and making me read my bible, because by reading the bible and checking history you can see how true the bible really is. Can you please give me some direction on how I can get Baptized. I thank you Nicholas and may God Bless you all you’re work


    • Amen Vince, the Truth does move people to seek their God eventually. 🙂

      As for baptism, click the “blue gift box” on the main page of the site. It will lead you to the bible studies for Baptism. There are instructions on where to send them of course. When done, contact me through the “contact us” page on the main site and we will find someone to baptize you.


  2. It grieves me deeply that you have such a misunderstanding of the Catholic Church that you are being added to my prayer list. After reading many of your judgements I became quite angry and then the gentle touch of the Holy Spirit allowed me to see that you don’t fully understand what you believe to be truth. I realize you know very little of what Pius X11 accomplished in the Vatican during WW11. Hundreds and thousands of Jews were helped by this saintly man of God ( by the way my background is Jewish …. my family is from Hebron) My mother is a convert and she said she could no longer deny the TRUTH. I would like to recommend a DVD A Hand of Peace about Pius and the Holocaust. This can be purchased through Ignatius Press Dr. Scott Hahn a brilliant historian and theological scholar ( I believe a former Methodist Pastor) who suffered greatly on his search for TRUTH has written many wonderful, Spirit filled books on what led him to the TRUTH. Rome Sweet Home is well worth reading.I pray for an open heart and in the Spirit of Christ Who came to save us all may wisdom, humility, and discernment be our guide as we continue on our race to the finish line. In Christ’s Love Amen.


    • Dearest Angela,

      I was a devout Catholic 29 years. I actually taught Catholic doctrine as well other duties for the church. I know more about your religion than most of your prelates. So, with that said, if you can please email me via the “contact us” page the proof wherein I misunderstand Catholicism, I will promptly remove all that you prove to be error and post your name as the soul that blessed me with this knowledge.

      As for Scott Hahn, this man has been proven wrong by so many Christians the last few decades that it’s no longer an issue in Christendom. Please open your bible and put down the works of man. For it is written,

      Romans 3:4, “…let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.”

      Thank you for your kind and gentle spirit in sharing your concerns and your prayers. I will add you to my prayer list as well dear one.


  3. you guys are Satanic and i rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ! your anti-Catholic propaganda is a bunch of crap! repent or you will be sorry when Jesus returns!!! you aren’t Christian you are tools of Satan himself and serve well in his plan of hostility and division in the body of Christ! accept Christ before its too late! this website should be shut down!!! you are worse than the heathens! there’s people in your denomination who molest children. infact in my opinion its possible some of them contributed to this Satanic website. its funy you site that 666 crap about the pope’s title. that came from Ellen G White, her name in roman numerals itself equals to 666! she should of done her homework!!! and also that title is not one of the Pope. that is “Vicar of the Son OF God” not vicar of Christ. we use Vicar OF Christ. THOSE OTHERS ARE STRETCHES OF HIS NAME, YOU CANT JUST DO THAT. YOU COULD FIND A PHRASE FOR ANYTHING THAT WOULD EQUAL 666 IF YOU TOYED WITH IT ENOUGH. you guys are pathetic. God bless the ONE Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church and God bless our Holy Father Pope Benedict.


    • Dearest Andy,

      Are you aware that the very Bible you claim to be your guiding light declares your religion vain? It says in James 1:26, “If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.”

      Your unbridled hateful tongue does nothing to evangelize the hearts of people seeking truth. Where is the love of Jesus in your words? Your own tongue declares Catholicism vain.

      As for the 666 evidence. No, Ellen White’s name does not = 666. Your prelates lied and used “2 letter V’s” to create a “W” when fabricating this lie. The Christians need never to use lies when preaching the Truth. Your popes have over a dozen titles wherein they equal 666. (see proof here You will notic here Andy that not once was it necessary to use lies to fabricate that number upon your pope’s titles. Still, even if Ellen White did = 666 like the names “Ronald Reagan” and “Microsoft Windows” supposedly does according to your leaders, how does this make her, or Ronald Reagan, or Microsoft Windows Anti-Christ? Are you suggesting ONE prophecy does this and we can ignore the hundreds of other prophecies that describe Antichrist?

      I ask you Andy, did Ellen White kill 500 million as was prophecied of Antichrist? No. Did the Popes? Yes, and they admitted same on March 12, 2000 in John Paul II’s mea culpa. Did Ellen White exterminate 3 complete nations back in the 6th century? No. But History proves your popes did. Is Ellen White a church and a State at the same time? No. But your Vatican plainly is “Vatican city” and the “Roman Catholic church.” Does Ellen White declare hatred for God’s Holy Word? No. But your church did in writing many times. Did Ellen White ever try to change God’s law? No. But your church did more than once and admitted as such in writing as well. Does Ellen White reside on 7 hills as prophecy said Antichrist will? No. But the Vatican does as your own “Catholic Encyclopedia” admits on page 529. In fact, there are hundreds of prophecies about Antichrist that Ellen White never fulfilled, nor could fulfill. Yet your church leaders have fulfilled each and every one of them to the letter. Would you like the proof of these facts I just shared and more? If so, go to

      I forgive you Andy, and I will add you the prayer list.


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