Global reserve currency?

Check out this 5:27 minute video when you get a chance… “The U.S. Dollar under fire

At 1:22 in the video Andrew Gause slips up and uses the term “Amero” when spilling the beans on the next globalist agenda the Pope hinbted at the other day. He then tries to laugh it off by saying he’s not allowed to talk about the Amero. (That in itself shows a “supervising” entity over him). He then says he doesn’t believe it exists. Truth is, if it doesn’t exist, why is it so prevalent in his mind so as to cause such a Freudian slip? Keep in mind, Andrew Gause is “the” authority in the USA on “money.” Or so, him being editor of “The world of money” suggests. Yet the Amero doesn’t exist? So the thousands of videos and 1,2 million websites talking about it don’t exist either?

The video is about the soon to come global federal reserve system. Yes, it’s just a “hint” for now, but this is how the media always works. They pepper the airwaves with inklings of the corrupted leaders plans so as to make it easier for those they control to handle the intense reality when the other shoe finally drops.

Just like the corrupted federal reserves in America that is actually run by privately owned trillionaires and has nothign to do with the federal government, the global currency reserve will also make trillians in profits when nations agree to allow them to print money on useless paper, thereby making the only true value known to them prinitng it for a fee.

Why do globalists need such a reserve as this? Besides the massive profits to be made, the Vatican needs to have a single globalized entity that prints the money if his “God-centered global economy” is going to be able to be managed properly by their office. Yes, the pope has 177 nations out of 195 in bed with him right now prophetically committing fornication. But keeping them all in his bed daily is going to be difficult, unless you have them all in the same reserve bank drawing funds for their respective nations. This will make the Vatican’s job that much easier to control the currency on a global scale! The federal reserve in the USA was a mini-test over the years since they manufactured the 1929 crash. They tested it by using each State as if they were separate nations to iron out all the kinks. It works, and they will use it to control who can “buy and sell” when that day comes.


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