Socialized Healthcare an absolute?

As I was listening to Obama’s speech the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder if the last few months regarding healthcare were all a verbal 911 attack upon the American people to generate the results they need in a round about way. A smoke screen of sorts. Some years before 911 the powers that be realized a need for more strenuous laws so as to eventually enforce the prophecied mark of the Roman beast. They offered their well scripted excuses to the people in a bevy of ways, who of course said no thank you to all of it. One such reason that comes to mind is where they insisted we need armed guards in all our airports to prevent planes from being hijacked. The American people of course said no. So two airplanes flew into the Trade Center buildings on September 11, and those laws are now on the books.

A few months ago we all watched how D.C, under obvious Vatican guidance, started pushing this strange healthcare idea forward. Everything from paying for illegal aliens healthcare, to helping Grandma and Grandpa kill themselves to save “us” money. Again, Americans boldly said no thank you. So, the plan Obama offered in his recent speech to Congress appeared much different and more believable. A few good points were of course forcing the Insurance companies to compete to lower prices, as well as passing laws where people with pre-existing conditions could be not refused coverage. All seemed sensible, until he brought up a watered down version of his original plan.

Obama claims his “public option” would be the exact same coverage offered by private insurance. But he did admit it would be far less expensive than private insurance because the government would not have all the large overhead bills, advertising costs, or executive salaries to contend with. Surprisingly, he also said 95% of the people wouldn’t bother with it because they would prefer their own coverage. That I am sorry to say, is nothing more than a lie. I mean seriously.. he said people won’t buy the cheaper plan?

Think about this… One thing everyone knows is, no one is going pay $5.00 for something they can get for $1.00 somewhere else. Eventually the public option will be realized to be the better way to go. Before you know it, big companies will drop private insurers for the government option to pad their profit margin. Then small businesses will do the same. Of course the individual will go for it since they’re stuck paying for it anyway, since Obama did say his plan would make basic coverage the law, just like it’s law to have auto coverage.

Can you see what I see? They’re going to get what they wanted all along. The last few months of wild talks about government healthcare were designed to make this original plan look far better once released. All they need do now is wait, and while waiting, they can set up all the necessary systems that will entrap Christians. Yes, it’s all about us again, and if you don’t think the Christian people aren’t the focus of all these strange new laws that deal directly with certain freedoms, you need to get your head out of the sand and into your Bible! All this stuff was prophecied long ago in the Christian Bible to happen in the last days, and it’s happening right now. Do you think it’s a coincidence all governments hate Christians, pass laws to prevent Christians certain freedoms, pass laws to illegalize the real Sabbath, re-write the Christian Bible, proclaim the Bible hate speech, and demand we document our religiosity on all government forms? If so, there is a wonderful blindness upon you.

Rome needs socialized medicine so that they can easily enforce the mark of the beast on people they have convinced won’t survive without their drugs and medical care. All aspects of society have to be controlled if this is going to work. This is just one more area in their sights. Yes, most Christians avoid the AMA like the plague, but there are “accidents” wherein the emergency room will be needed. I’ve always said, the things surgeons do today is a blessing to many. But the doctors that push the drugs are poison peddlers and not to be trusted.

Within 5, 10, maybe even 15 years, everyone will be covered under Government healthcare because the Insurance companies simply won’t be able to compete with Uncle Sam and his low cost plan. Once they have this monopolized, then health care will become substandard just like Canada’s, and Grandma and Grandpa as well as anyone that’s terminally ill will be asked to “die with dignity. ” Everyone will be dependant on government just as prophecy said long ago. Then the mark of the beast will be as easy to enforce as your drivers license.

How do I know the Vatican is behind all this? There was a very articulate Roman Catholic leader that was well understood by all to be the puppet of the Vatican many years ago that did the exact same things we see happening today. In fact, his methods are the instruction manual for most dominant leaders today. He bombed his own government buildings to generate a patriotic mindset as well as “homeland” security laws that eventually removed all freedoms. He forced all banks into turmoil to allow his government to “help” them. He even had the auto industry under his complete government control. He actually convinced the children of his nation to enroll as “his kids” wherein they were taught to be there for him if he needed them. They were so brainwashed they often turned in their own parents to be killed by their leader. He also created a civilian police force to help his soldiers seek out dissenters. He built holding camps all throughout his nation to detain those that didn’t agree with him, and he even forced government healthcare on all his people as a way to rid his nation of what he believed to be the less useful citizens. His name? Adolph Hitler.

By the way.. are you aware there is talk in Vatican circles that Obama is secretly planning to convert to Catholicism? I’ll give you 666 guesses as to why he thinks this is a good thing for him to do.


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