Swine flu poll


6 thoughts on “Swine flu poll

  1. i agree with nick,this is propably just a test to see how we react or maybe just training for those who gives us the vaccine.
    i still have no doubt that a real virus will arrive soon that will be blamed on the mutation of the h1n1,the fema camps were not built for nothing.
    to take our libertys goes against gods law,to make us breathes chemtrails goes against gods law so resist as hard as you can,we have the lord walking with us !


  2. Hello,
    I would like to share my view on this subject. My opposition is not limited to current vaccines that are forced on people ‘for their own good’; it is more comprehensive than that.
    In the Beginning (Genesis) there are several references to the phrase ‘after their own kind’. The meaning of that is very significant to me. I take it to mean the various species and classes of living things should be kept separate. Later on, the commandment is clear that humans and animals are not to co-mingle DNA in the natural order of things. Why would we think this is now an acceptable practice? I simply cannot find a reason that would justify that.
    Once you understand how the scientific community develops organisms to be introduced into the human body, the concept of CLEAN or UNCLEAN takes on a whole new, more distinct meaning. In the culture in which we live, I just don’t think we pay enough attention to this little detail.


  3. I think there is such a thing as Swine Flu, but the idea of it being a global pandemic is media hype. I am no more worried about contracting swine flu then I am about the seasonal flu.


    • I heartily agree. Who is behind all the hype? I believe it is the drug companies, and those who want to limit the population. Where are Christians who believe in an all-caring God and His methods of healin?


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