By beholding, most will become killers

In Revelation 16:16 we read, “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” Those of us that study prophecy understand Satan is making war against Christ’s bride to kill them as did in Esther’s day. Back then civilization was all but civil by today’s standards in that the people of the day saw no sin in killing the Jews, especially since they were promised financial gain. So how does such a prophecy come to fruition in today’s world?

Look at what we have witnessed over the last few decades alone in the area of mind manipulation regarding Rock and Roll. These bands make millions of dollars selling sex, drugs, murder, rape, civil unrest, and even outright Satanism to the kids. Of course it’s all hidden under the guise that it’s cool to be bad. And the kids eat it up thanks to peer pressure to be like the “cool kids.” A mere 50 years ago shows like MTV would be considered absolutely illegal on TV. But as Elvis, the pretty boy of Rock and Roll gyrated on stage, it became easy to start the ball rolling down hill. Still, his music was tame by today’s standards. Satan even used negative advertising to push Elvis further. The Ed Sullivan show refused to film him from the waste down because of the vulgar way he moved his body. That act skyrocketed Elvis to fame and fortune and more and more kids bought his records and flocked to his concerts to see what their parents disapproved of. Had a guy like Alice Cooper from 1970’s or Marilyn Manson from the 90’s stepped on stage in those days, they would have committed to insane asylums. So, instead, Satan used Elvis a gentle loving man who claimed to be a wholesome Christian who loved his mother and his country. Yes, some Christian preachers did speak out to warn this music would eventually influence the kids to such an extent that they would become very evil if left unchecked. But the usual blinded scoffers laughed until eventually the decadence was allowed freely. “Common sense” was the reason given to say it was impossible for something as trivial as music to become such a threat, so the Christians were ignored. Rock and Roll was born, and a few decades later, satanic bands like Marilyn Manson, Twisted Sister, KISS, ACDC, and Ozzy Osbourne confirmed those Christian preachers were 100% correct! Some still scoff even though Ezekiel stated that Satan was created with musical instruments inside his body! His ministry was music before he fell!

  • Ezekiel 28:13, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”

Strangely, many ignore the power of music on the human mind for some reason. One easy way to alert some of this danger is to ask them what happens when they hear a song on the radio they haven’t heard in 20 years? How is it they can sing along word for word, but high school lessons they memorized 20 years ago are completely forgotten?! Satan knows exactly what he’s doing with music!

Is this why the Vatican has rap artists on their MySpace page that are extremely evil, as well as holding Rock concerts for the kids? Are you aware the Vatican also globally publicized endorsement of Harry Potter in July of 2009? Thanks to most not reading Bible, they are unaware that one of the last prophecies to fulfill before Christ returns is an increase in spiritualism and the occult!

  • 1 Timothy 4:1 “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;”
  • Revelation 16:14 “For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles…”

Harry Potter has lit that hellish fire of fulfillment like none other in modern times. And thanks to the nonstop sludge of vulgar innuendos and jokes on TV that are off color, sexual, violent, perverted, and out right blasphemies in sitcoms like the Simpson’s, which by the way were just endorsed by the Vatican as well in December of 2009, people the world over have adopted the exact same mindset of those in Noah’s day just as Jesus predicted. Right before the flood, “GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5) Then Jesus said in Matthew 24:37, “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Thanks to all the decadence pumped into the minds of unprotected souls, soon we will have a generation of people so morally bankrupt that the thought of killing a Christian would not be considered any worse than it was in those Roman Coliseums 2000 years ago. In fact, just last week I found out that in the Muslim world alone, 165,000 Christians were killed for their faith in the last 11 months of 2009! Yet, Islam is protected the world over in their hellish assault against Christ and His people simply because their officially documented creator in Rome needs them to continue their slaughter in the same way they needed Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler to do as he did. By the way, it was also reported that as of 2009 a Christian is tortured every 3 minutes in the Muslim world! That’s 172,800 Christians tortured each year now! This isn’t counting China, India, North Korea. Still, even with all this torture and killing going on, the grand majority of the people aren’t conditioned to see killing Christians as acceptable. So, more hell inspired “entertainment” has to be invented. In my October 2004 Newsletter I reported on how France built a scaled down version of the ancient Roman Coliseum solely for the entertainment of the masses. They had chariot races, mock gladiator fights and right there in the middle of it all they had a beautiful woman representing a Christian martyr who was chained to a post with a lion sitting right next to her for historic realism. To think, mankind has stooped so low into sin that a horrific act as Christians being EATEN ALIVE is right now suggested as acceptable form of entertainment is enough to make one realize that yes, they are in fact conditioning minds so as to create Christian killers. Jesus said in Matthew 24:12, “…because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Satan, via Rome knows the love for fellow man must be degraded if this is going to work. As Christian theology declares, by beholding we become changed, does it not? Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” If Christians do as the Holy Spirit suggests here, we will become changed into the likeness of Christ. Therefore, we can see how the same is true for Satanic theology. If we look upon those things that are a lie, dishonest, unjust, impure, hateful, of bad report, without virtue, and hold no praise to God, we will become changed to emulate Satan. All this merrymaking and entertainment, along with strange religions, are designed purposely to change the minds of billions for Satan to have an easy day of it when Armageddon comes upon us. As for the scoffer that thinks Armageddon is a myth, I have to ask why all the evil acceleration the world over lately? You can no longer find a tame society in any nation now! Is it all just a grand coincidence?

Let’s take the public school systems as another example. It is here they indoctrinate the children as young as 4 years old into godless drones. On my main page of the site under the section “homeschool spurs” I have many articles of the insane things teachers are doing, of which the government is paying them for! The kids are being taught at a very early age that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable as a normal way of life, evolution is scientifically sound, Islam is a peaceful religion, and Christianity is a myth! The kids are being raped, murdered, assaulted and even drugged every day in the schools, and that’s just what the teachers are doing. The students are doing it to each other as well, but it’s become an epidemic now thanks to the minds of many drifting towards Satan’s plans for Armageddon. Anyone that has read the Bible and understands basic child rearing procedures know that we must, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6) Satan knows this and so his focus is on the kids! This way, with each generation he can cultivate a more evil crop of adults who will become leaders in his agenda against God’s people.

As prophecied, Satan is manipulating souls in the schools, TV, magazines, novels, Newspapers, video games, music, peer pressure and of course his old favorites, sex, lying, alcohol, drugs, anger, and a host of other evil methods. Almost everything we consider to be “entertainment” today is purposely geared towards that end. Case in point… look at the bare-knuckle cage matches wherein many young men beat themselves silly; sometimes even to death, and all for the entertainment of others casting bets on their outcome! Do you think this started off as normal? Or has it also come about in the same way the Satanic music bands arrived? The comparatively tame sport of boxing of not too many years ago seems rather disciplined compared to this. Did anyone think this would eventually lead to the blood sports as they are now called becoming the norm? Certainly we can see the pattern there as well.

Now look at video games. When they first came out, it was about friendly competition. Pong for example was a game where you simply tried to prevent a white dot from traveling into your goal from your opponents paddle. Now games have realistic graphics that depict satanic acts of animal and human sacrifice, demon worship, rape, mayhem, theft, occultism, conjuring, and even murder! And to think, this is all for a few points in the game! Worse yet, thanks to the Internet, you can play these games online with real breathing people on the other end that lend a real human life to the equation. Is it possible this will cause the minds of many to escalate into a generation of killers just as Rock music created Satanists, or boxing became blood sports? Or am I making no sense whatsoever like those anti-Rock & Roll preachers back in the 1950’s?

Let’s take Hollywood as a quick example. If you research the statistics on this you will find that as TV shows and Hollywood movies became more and more violent over the years with rapes, assaults and murders. Amazing thing is, society became more and more violent right along with those very same statistics. Add to the mix the violent music, video games, and blood sports, is it any wonder we have skyrocketing rapes, assaults and serial killers today? But again… could I be overreacting as did those preachers in the 1950’s?

One last thing I would like to mention that most people miss. The ultimate tool in conditioning people to think murder is acceptable has to be ABORTION! Yes, the law says it’s legal, but the law also said in Esther’s day it was legal to kill Jews. Did that make it right? Scripture confirms life starts at conception! The Lord actually knows our names in the womb! In Isaiah 49:1 it says, “… The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.”

Many are being conditioned to join Satan’s army right now! They’re killing millions of babies every year, and all of them think it is 100% acceptable! Not only do they have the “abortion pill;” girls are now choosing to have abortions instead of using birth control. In fact, in the UK it was just discovered most sexually active young girls have upwards of 4 abortions by the age of 18! Murder has become universally accepted! If Satan’s already been able to get Muslims, Hindu’s, Koreans and the Chinese to kill Christians, how big of a leap do you suppose it would be for Satan to get the rest to fall in line? Especially since he has already been able to convince them to kill their very own BABIES! Seriously! If a prophet told you 200 years ago mothers would kill their babies for reasons ranging from wanting to keep their girlish figure, to doing so would able them to keep their boyfriends, you would laugh at them right? Well.. they’re doing just that today! So, I ask, will some still laugh when we tell them Christians will be killed as easy as babies are today? As prophecied, the calamities will increase globally, and as that unknowingly prophetic minister stated in December of 2004 commandment keeping Christians will be blamed for the disasters because we refuse to embrace Sunday laws. Will they laugh then too when they Christians should, “…die for the people, and that the whole nation perish not.” – John 11:50

Let me ask you this… Do you think that billions will suddenly snap one day and become killers will seek the lives of remnant Christians to save the planet? No, of course not. It has to be done gradually or the people will catch onto what Satan is up to via his headquarters in Rome. Satan needs to indoctrinate, or brainwash the people into such state that doing as the Vatican and their leaders in the State ask them to do will be easily acceptable. Hitler did it in a comparatively short period of time. Nero did it 2000 years ago. And people in Esther’s day saw it as the norm when the king made the decree in their day. If boxing can escalate to blood sports, and rock and roll can merge into devil worship, why can’t the violent video games, TV shows, and movies help to cultivate Christian killers? By beholding they will become killers! They are already killing their own babies. The next logical step is obvious. I won’t even get into the doctor assisted suicide laws passing left and right. Just this last Thursday it was made law in Montana that doctors can help you kill yourself. Death has become very much the norm in today’s society! Armageddon is truly banging on the door!

As people continue to deny God as their Creator and abide by His Law, more and more of the people will become extremely evil as in Noah’s day. In fact, even their children will start to show signs of intense evil at a very young age. Lately I’ve been seeing articles about children killing and raping children. A 14 year old boy for example raped a 12 year old girl under a school stairwell during school hours, and a 10 year old boy raped an 8 year old girl. But nothing confirms the decadence has spread further as Jesus prophecied for our day than an article I saw on December 23 that stated a 5 year old, a 6 year old, and a 7 year old boy were all up for raping a 3 year old toddler! I wonder, did they play their big brother’s video game that day?

Christians are hated now. No, I am not talking about the counterfeit, cross around the neck, Bible ignoring, pew warming, plastic Christians that go to church on Sunday and then step out of the building to run back into sin as fast as their two little feet can carry them. The Bible clearly states in many prophetic Scriptures that Rome hates REAL Christians! They hate them just as much, if not more, than they did during the Inquisition. As prophecy confirms, they will use their power over the people to get everyone to help them rid the planet of these Christians. Prophecy is bluntly sure here! They tried this 2000 years ago, they tried this with Hitler, they are trying it now with the Muslims, and soon they will get every soul on earth that has not “truly” accepted Jesus Christ as Lord convinced that every soul in the remnant church is the reason for the wide spread calamites on earth. Problem with that prophecied thought is, this is not only what ends their rule on earth, it also ends their life on earth as the Eastern sky will split right before they are able to harm even a hair on the head of one soul that stands in that number we strive to be a part of. The prophecied small Gideon band.


Rome’s demographic research

I would like to share a few thoughts regarding some videos and articles that I’ve been holding off putting on the site for about a week or so. I held them to make sure I understand what I’m seeing here. I have posted some of them on the main page the last few days, but I am still not 100% sure on all this. It is appearing however, as I suspected at first, that more and more leaders are pulling out all stops on this Swine flu fiasco. But they aren’t so much concerned about a joint effort as of yet. Their unsystematic approach to all this seems far too obvious to me.

After viewing the videos and reading the articles the last week or so I couldn’t help notice they are more concerned with watching how we react and not so much worried with what they’re calling a pandemic. Yes, some are dying, but from what I see, more are getting deathly ill from the vaccines than the flu. What they did in 1976 obviously failed in that they weren’t able to cover-up all the deaths and crippled victims of their toxic vaccine. Today however, they are able to sweep a lot of this under the rug. And rightly so, seeing how they control the media far better now than in the 70’s. The only strange thing I see in all this is, why they aren’t just using placebos instead of deadly vaccines since their efforts are more about control than mass murder for now.

As students of prophecy we know the mark of the beast is something Satan needs to train his key pawns on how to effectively get the job done globally. Sure, they can scare the wits out of a few million people in some scattered regions by using fear tactics adopted by Rome. But all in all, it looks like they are completely aware at present that they are unable to get a 100% compliance worldwide. It looks like all this is nothing more than a test rather than an actual health crisis.

Prophecy is plain. It says in Revelation 13:16, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:” As we look around we see that by their own bloated statistics, only a measly 10% of the population were planning to take the shot back in September of 2009. However, thanks to their recent propaganda efforts in the media, just fewer than 50% of Americans were still refusing the shot by mid October. What’s happening now? I wish I could tell you. But all the websites that carried the polls regarding stats on who’s actually getting flu shots, and who’s refusing have been mysteriously pulled offline. It’s obvious they’re losing the battle. Therefore, common sense tells us allowing the negative polls to stay online will make it that much more difficult for them to finish testing. However, last I checked, “MisterPoll” was still showing a whopping 85% of the people refusing the shots, even if in fact they became mandatory by the government. This is happening worldwide, and what makes it worse for them is in most countries, like the UK for example, half of the doctors are now refusing to be vaccinated. So, this is a big lesson learned for those trying to build a global system of control. They still have till April to play the flu card to gain a more accurate demographic to achieve 100% compliance, or at least as near that number as possible. So expect more scary scenarios in certain areas around the world. Their fine tuning of this thing will be an annoyance to say the least.

Bottom line is this… The beast in Rome needs to be able to come up with a plan that will cause every single “lost” soul on earth to not only trust him, (worship) but to see no wrong in doing what which Rome demands. The prophecy says he will be able to convince all lost souls to do as he commands. Since Rome is already slated to become “the” moral authority on earth, one can see they will be revered as that moral authority by billions out of sheer prophecied blindness thanks to the fact most are causing what the prophet Amos predicted to come to fruition by refusing to read their Bibles. (See Amos 8:11) Testing the waters to see how the spiritually blunted masses respond to their fabricated fearful reports is one step towards that end.

Since the pope and his prelates are trusted by many, and in the coming days by most. When they finally spew their prophecied demands for compliance most of the sheeple will consider Rome’s words to be Gospel. As we look at how the Protestant pastors are now emulating Roman leadership techniques, we see that most everyone is now worshiping their religious leaders as Catholics do their pope. This allows for the image of the beast to be emulated even more now. This blind obedience is fueled by their lack of Bible knowledge and can be easily remedied by simply reading that which is written in God’s Word. However, in today’s society of convenience, most figure since the religious leaders are supposed to study their bibles as per their job description, why not let them read the bibles for them. Problem is, the prelates in Rome are Luciferians that are purposely seeking to destroy Christianity from within. Since they admit in their priestly oaths, they are called to infiltrate all denominations world wide over the last 1000 years, the grand majority of Protestant pastors are now either Vatican Jesuits in disguise, or Jesuit trained in Seminary. Again, since most Christians don’t read their Bibles, no one catches the easy to see prophecied signs in these evil men standing as pastor.

What I see here with the swine flu conspiracy is nothing more than a testing ground to see what works best with the masses in each region on earth. Since we have so many different cultures on the planet they need to try different methods to get their universal result. This is why you see articles speaking of millions getting sick in the Ukraine, and nary a reporter in the USA seems to care about reporting on same. Seriously, a story this big would cause every sitcom in America to be interrupted with “Breaking News Bulletins” all day long. Could it be the reporters know it’s a lie designed to see how the Russians respond to it in that particular region? Or is it that they simply report what’s scripted for them by their local FCC agent? This is most assuredly one of the perks of the Internet for our side. We can look beyond the doctored and well scripted News reports with the ease of our computer keyboards. Now do you see why they have plans to censor the Internet and even temporarily shutting it down when the time comes? Information readily available online about their strategy would greatly cripple their plans if the people they hope to corral were privy to the facts.

Satan is fully aware his followers are unaware of what to do moment by moment. Worse yet, he has not been able to get 100% permission to roll over mankind like a plow. Especially since most of his followers are mere pawns in his agenda who are still able to be blessed with salvation. The longsuffering of the Lord guards even them. Even the greatest of all his pawns, the deceived Satanist, who is duped into worship, can still be saved even now. So it’s not so much about the leaders having inside info on this prophecied mark as much as it is about Satan trying to get them to do as he desires. As I said earlier, permission from on High must be allowed for him to move forward. God’s people are still unready for that which Satan plans, so our merciful Lord is preventing much of his evil plans thanks to the Holy Spirit who is still quite active on the planet preventing God’s children unnecessary harm. However, when those plagues do begin to fall, and only the Gideon band is standing victorious, Revelation 14:10 declares the wrath of God will fall without the loving mixture of mercy upon them. Even now God’s mercy falls on the wicked as well as the just. The lost truly have no clue as to how merciful this God of ours truly is. This is where we, we remnant people come in. We have a duty like no other to help as many as we can. No one understands quite what we do doctrinally speaking. The prophecied “increase in knowledge” as Daniel 12:4 predicts is ours for the taking when we strive unto that perfection only Christ can give. Now I understand, many of us need no reminder of such a duty as we see before us. But as those of us that have been at the desk for decades know, some are still quite sleepy in their walks as is prophecied for the virgins, and just in case a lukewarm spirit happens to be the fruit for some, it is written quite plainly…

  • Ezekiel 3:18, “When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.”

It’s obvious. They know the flu agenda is a failure and in no way going to see 100% global compliance. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past them to have known this from day one. So yes, like the many combat drills the military performs to better prepare for every contingency in battle, this global flu experiment has granted them much information on who among us will be easy, who will be difficult, and who will be absolutely impossible to control when that day comes for them to do as Satan via the beast in Rome demands. In short, what they are doing is learning which weapon in their arsenal from Hell will best work against us. Of course even here they fall short of their agenda with the Bible reading child of God. For it is also written in Isaiah 54:17, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

One more thing many miss in all this is yet another prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. All their tests, and all their fictitious News reports are in fact generating fear in the hearts of many the world over. The booming sales of Prozac, and the numerous crazed killers that have cracked under the pressure corroborate this as today’s societal norm. Many of the people are so spiritually naïve that they believe and allow the fabricated News reports to boil their anxiety up because they never met Jesus and the peace He freely gives His people. This same Jesus said the following about how it will be for those that don’t know Him just before He splits the Eastern sky…

  • Luke 21:26, “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

The last few videos and articles I posted on the site (early to mid November) deal with such things as a biochemist being arrested for trying to alert the public of plans of a massive bio-weapon designed to make the flu shots mutate into lethal poison for millions. Millions in the Ukraine are sick from a conveniently mutated flu virus that has caused many to die of what looks like lungs being cooked from within. Leaked plans for martial law coast to coast to contain the so called pandemic. Families being split up and sent to interment camps as terrorists for refusing flu shots, and government anti-terrorism units practicing bioterrorism drills “just in case” all the reports are true. Top that off with the never ending reports of Russian backpack nukes missing, Iran manufacturing Nuclear weapons, Russian nuclear subs a few miles off our shores, Obama planning to kill your grandparents to save money, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados in record numbers, global warming, massive asteroids whizzing past earth a mere 8700 miles away, and a host of other doomsday scenarios and you have an absolute fulfillment of Christ’s prophetic statements in Luke 21:26. Still, even though it is as bleak as one can imagine the Christian has no fear in their heart.

  • Romans 8:15, “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.”
  • 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

We know our God is in control. The fact His prophecies are being fulfilled to the letter proves this rather well. God’s people have a faithful heart that makes Rome’s plans for compliance look ridiculously frail. We know our God would never let anything come upon us or our loved ones without it being the best thing for us as well as a wonderful way to glorify Him. We trust Him that much, and He knows it! This is why we can easily echo the words of his servant Job of many years ago wherein he said in the midst of a very intense trial…

  • Job 13:15, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.”

Let us as the remnant people take advantage of this time in earth’s history to preach the Present Truth to those that fear the days ahead without cause. The Lord will send them your way, so share as best you can. The peace of Christ will bless them like they never imagined, and then they too will take up the cross! Even in the midst of Hell on earth they will stand with smiles during all these trials knowing our God is an awesome God. Once they come to a saving knowledge that there is no reason to fear since the Almighty and ever loving Father is at the helm, they will see that all of this not only glorifies Him in the way they are doing exactly as He prophecied. It also opens their eyes akin to the blind man seeing for the first time. With such a movement of His hand as this, the heart is then assured everything is going to be alright! In fact, it’s all about to become absolutely PERFECT!

  • 1 Corinthians 13:9-12, “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.  But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.  When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”

Vatican supports call to teach Islam

The Vatican has surprisingly welcomed a proposal to teach Islam in Italian schools. …Cardinal Renato Martino, of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said: “This would avoid radicalism and should be considered – obviously with some form of control.” But the proposal rocked Fini’s Right-wing coalition and was slammed by the anti-immigration Northern League.  –By Nick Pisa of The London Evening Standard 10-19-09

It’s so sad that the grand majority of Catholics ignore the many verses that counsel followers of Christ not to join with nonbelievers. It’s even more heart wrenching when I think of those innocent little children in those Vatican schools that are not being taught as Proverbs 22:6 says is the greatest blessing they could ever receive by those teaching them early in life. Their parents are so blind to the fact that their dear children are being robbed of Heaven in those schools. The Word of God has been ignored by Rome for so long that even these statements I’m making seem laughable to most in that church. Reason being is, Rome has taught them that to look upon the Word of God is to see a collection of “suggestions” rather than eternal truths needed to guide the believers home.

“The Bible was not intended to be a textbook of Christian religion.” -Catholic Facts, p. 50

And why do you suppose they hate the Bible so much? Besides the obvious, they hate it because they cannot embrace its teachings while at the same time seeking to gather all non-Christians faiths under one roof. The Archbishop of New York stated this bluntly back in 1912 when he said…

“The belief in the Bible as the sole source of faith is unhistorical, illogical, fatal to the virtue of faith, and destructive of unity.” -The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIII, “Protestantism”, Section III A – Sola Scriptura (“Bible Alone”), Nihil Obstat, February 1, 1912 by Remy Lafort, D.D., Censor, Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York. (online source: )

The ecumenical charge of Rome today is theratene dby one thing now. THE BIBLE! So they must do all they can to discredit it, re-write it, and proclaim it a “…A dead and speechless book.” (Question Box, p. 67) as often as they have opportunity!

What most, even non-Catholics are unaware of is, the ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera was murdered by the Vatican in 1997 for his extensive documentations revealing them as “the architects” of the religion of Islam. So naturally the pope will want this religion taught in the schools! It’s their baby and they will use it as they planned. Of course, they claim the lessons will be used to prevent “radicalism” in the Islamic community. But they said the same thing when caught teaching Satanism in the Vatican. Bottom line here is, no matter how you slice it, the Quran is filled cover to cover with all sorts of passages that proclaim Christians worthy of death, and mostly by beheading as we have seen them do recently. Which by the way is prophetically sound for our day…

Revelation 20:4, “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.”

As we know. the mark of the beast is administered in the last days before Christ returns. The above passage links that event with beheadings rather bluntly. We already witnessed how they do this to Sabbath keeping ministers when they martyred an Australian missionary in 2003 by beheading him, as well as numerous videos of them beheading innocent people the last few years.

Historic fact is, Rome used the Muslim people around 1000 years ago to try and rid the planet of Sabbath keeping Christians as well as Jews. Seeing how the Vatican is sanctioning Islamic classes in their schools today, one can construe they plan a repeat of their past actions. Fact is, this is always how they work. When they find something “they think” works for them, they repeat it with a modern day twist so as to avoid the same pitfalls of old. This is why we see so many of Hitler’s methods being used today. Thanks to advances in technology, they are able to commit the same crimes with far less repercussions than in the past.

Now that we have The “Council on American-Islamic Relations” (CAIR) lurking behind the scenes in USA politics infiltrating all sorts of government offices; (See ~ Lawmakers warn of CAIR threat) the Vatican’s inspired henchmen now see an opportunity to strike while the iron is hot. This teaching the kids Islamic methods is merely a testing of the stage in the coming days. Kids grow up quickly, and it will only take 10 years for an 8 year old to be “groomed” enough to do the job. In Islamic nations today, some kids get to that level of seeing no wrong in blowing themselves up “for Allah” at the age of 13 or even younger. So, time is not that much of an issue with such things today.

As any history buff will tell you, Rome has been working on this ecumenical group hug for hundreds of years. This is why the popes always step up and denounce any war in the middle east when it threatens their politically contrived interests. They play the humanitarian so as to keep their moral smokescreen well oiled. Not that I endorse war of any kind. Truth be known, I like most Christians detest war. But it seems rather odd that the popes, who claim to embrace Christ as Lord, always seem to be the first to help those that enjoy killing Christians.  As I shared in my October 2003 Newsletter, they have their many prophecied reasons to make friends here. Islam is very aware of these benefits as well. Why else would Yassir Arafat kiss the popes hand and be photographed doing so for all to see? What’s truly amazing here as far as I can see is how short lived the memories are of so many people that witness such things lately. The links between the Vatican, Islam and Hitler are so overwhelmingly clear for those that know of such things, that it boggles the mind that none in positions of power seem to care. But then that is par for the course since they are all hand picked by Rome as well as Rome’s present-day marionette, Obama, who has solid ties to both Rome and Islam.

This is why we see Rome teaching Islam in their schools, and announcing same as no big deal. By the time those kids reach adulthood, Rome will have a fresh and well groomed crop of pro-Islamic Roman Catholics willing to blindly follow orders just as they did back in Bartholomew’s day where they killed with a religiously manufactured loyalty to their pope. Whether they do it with praises for Allah upon their lips, or for the Pagan Queen of Heaven, makes no difference for Rome, as we have seen with Hitler. In fact, Rome doesn’t care who they worship as long as their demands are met. Their iniquitous fingerprints have been all over this prophecied agenda since Constantine stepped up to do as Daniel prophecied he would do long ago in 321AD.

Again, I am not surprised the Vatican is doing this. After all, they have been instrumental in seeking to restructure Christianity for years. This is also the very same Vatican wherein Satanism was being practiced within its walls, Voodoo was given Rome’s blessings, Harry Potter has been pushed as moral for their children, and this is the same church that has declared Jesus is not needed as Saviour to gain Heaven. I could literally go on for pages on how many evils have been documented as part of this church’s framework. So.. yes, this is a fruit of prophecied Babylon, the likes of which surprises no remnant child of God.

Obama Worship

A newly publicized video shows leaders of a Chicago-based community organizing group called the Gamaliel Foundation held a rally shortly after President Obama’s election and “prayed” to him, seeking his intervention in their difficulties. Source =

As many remember, Obama was touted as a Messiah during his campaign. The most recent Obama worship happened on September 29, where a group in Chicago held public prayer “to Obama.” I know it sounds insane and quite ridiculous as well, but when we look in prophecy how the mortal wound of Rome is to be completely healed before Jesus comes and destroys them with the brightness of His coming, (see 2 Thessalonians 2:8) worship of mankind has to become the norm for the prelates in Rome. The Popes have always demanded and sought worship for almost 2000 years as many of their documented quotes prove…

  • The Pope and God are the same, so he has all power in Heaven and earth.” Pope Pius V, quoted in Barclay, Chapter XXVII, p. 218, “Cities Petrus Bertanous”.
  • Pope Nicholas I declared that “the appellation of God had been confirmed by Constantine on the Pope, who, being God, cannot be judged by man.” – Labb IX Dist.: 96 Can. 7, Satis evidentur, Decret Gratian Primer Para.
  • “Innocent III has written: “Indeed, it is not top much to say that in view of the sublimity of their offices the priests are so many gods.-The dignity of the priesthood by Liguori p, 36

Yes, the Popes do seek your worship. This is why the Pope always insists on delegates bowing before him to kiss his hand in an act of worship each time he gains their allegiance either by an act of war, or simple carrot dangling. The problem is, the people have stopped proclaiming worship to these men in general. Yes, all Catholics still do it, but many people of the world stopped around the time Luther exposed the Pope as Antichrist, and many more stopped especially since Napoleon caused the mortal wound to be administered in the exact prophecied year of 1798. So, just like the violence on TV makes it easy to condition the masses into looking at death and suicide as no big thing. And just as Rock and Roll was able over the years to slowly move the youth into sexual perversion, drugs, and yes even devil worship. Having Obama worshipped and prayed to by some will eventually generate an easy method of conditioning the masses into compliance here as well. Especially when the Pope steps up as the “so called” moral authority on earth and only “real” recipient of worship.

When you look at how this is being done so boldly right before our eyes, you begin to realize a lot of the leg work to get to this point must have been done. Else they never would have been able to pull this off! If they did not slowly but surely condition the people via Hollywood, Rock & Roll, Video Games, the controlled media, and a host of other methods, they would never be able to get a man to stand out front in 2009 to be actually worshipped. Worse yet, you would never see anyone actually praying to him as if he is a god! Nevertheless, we are in the last days, and now we do see that yes, Obama is in fact being worshipped as a Roman Emperor, just like Herod of old. I say Herod, because the ultimate worship was always saved for Caesar. Who is it today that claims to be that Caesar in agreement with Christian prophecy?

Pope Pius IX, in his “Discorsi” (I., p. 253), said:  “The Caesar who now addresses you, and to whom alone are obedience and fidelity due.” – “…superior papal authority and dominion is derived from the law of the Caesars.Lucius Ferraris, in “Prompta Bibliotheca Canonica, Juridica, Moralis, Theologica, Ascetica, Polemica, Rubristica, Historica”, Volume V, article on “Papa, Article II”, titled “Concerning the extent of Papal dignity, authority, or dominion and infallibility”, #19, published in Petit-Montrouge (Paris) by J. P. Migne, 1858 edition

If this doesn’t confirm that Rome’s wound is healing fast and we are in the last days, nothing will. Pray for those praying in the video to a man that breaths and walks like any other man on earth.

By the way… the “praying to saints” doctrine of the Vatican is also part of Satan’s plan via Roman Catholicism to condition the people the world over to see no wrong in praying to humans. They have been pushing that mind bending doctrine from Hell for well over 1000 years! Sadly, we can see by all the kneelers in front os statues of humans that it has served them well. Literally billions have bowed to mankind over and above the Creator of mankind! And yes, this is the reason we see homosexuality flourishing via the Roman church as it has. For it is written…

  • Romans 1:24-27, “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.”

Yes, that is a New Testament passage declaring they receive “in themselves that recompence (award) of their error” for such an act. Is this a prophecied statement of AIDS? We will all find out when Jesus returns. Certain facts are always kept “hidden” for a reason. Still, it has been proven that Catholic priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than anyone else. So.. you do the math. I’m sure you’ll come up with 666 as the sum on this as I did.

  • Joshua 24:15, “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

U.S. Christians assail Obama agenda

In a Reuters article posted September 18, 2009 they go into detail how some Christian groups are up in arms about Obama’s plans on everything from abortion to healthcare. No, the article doesn’t hold much to discuss other than the headline itself. Sometimes it’s that easy to see how the stage is being set for national Sunday laws. It’s like I said so often before. If you get enough evil leaders, or in our case, presidents, to pass unjust laws and specifically against morals laid out in Christianity, eventually Christian leaders with political agendas will step up for personal gain. These ordained men seem to sit and wait until it gets so way out of hand, that when they do eventually speak out, they can become instant celebrities by the very act. For them it’s nothing more than a career decision than it is a calling to action from on High.

Let me see if I can explain this in 150 words or less. On March 7, 2006 George W. Bush signed into law that all pastors with 501C3 tax ID numbers are to now be considered government agencies; it became quite clear all the prophecies regarding National Sunday Laws were becoming more and more credible with some scoffers. Never before did the Romanized Protestant churches have the power that the prophecied Vatican church and State has enjoyed for so long. With the stroke of a pen they now have the ability to lobby law just like Catholic priests! All that’s needed is a reason to do just that. Rome has been preaching Sunday Laws for eons. Most recently of course via the lips of John Paul II…

“Christians will naturally strive to ensure that “civil legislation” respects their duty to keep Sunday holy.” -Section 67, “Dies Domini”, July 7, 1998

As we learned with Hitler, Rome loves to perform evils due to bloodthirsty desires. However, they must keep up appearances so as to be considered a “huge moral authority” on earth as was stated in my 9-17-09 blog entry . They want Sunday laws, yes. But due to the fact that we the remnant church have done as 2 Thessalonians 2:3 prophecied we would do by exposing their agenda in great detail, they realize they must get others to push the plan forward so as to make it appear they are innocent. They will get the Protestant churches to do this for them. Case in point. the so called, Lord’s day alliance has been doing this since 1888. And yes, six major Protestant denominations started this!

“This organization proposes in every possible way to aid in preserving Sunday as a civil institution. Our national security requires the active support of all good citizens in the maintenance of our American Sabbath. Sunday laws must be enforced.” -Quoted as “principles contained in the Constitution” of the original organization (then called the American Sabbath Union), cited in The Lord’s Day Alliance, Twenty fifth Report (1913), p6.

Sounds like an echo of John Paul II doesn’t it? By the way, when you call them on the phone, as I did years ago, they will lie through their teeth and say they have no desire for laws to keep Sunday holy. This wolf in sheep’s clothing tactic works so well that hard core criminals have learned to adopt this method as far back as the roaring twenties. Yes, I’m speaking of the infamous “speak easy” nightclubs. They had a legitimate business out front, with an illegal one at the rear behind a secret door selling all sorts of sin. This way, like the pope, they appear legit before the public, while in fact very evil.

If you ever read the Roman Catholic Jesuit oath, you would know these men would just love to go out there on a killing spree to shut us up. But again, they need to keep up appearances so as to safeguard their prophecied global rule. While at the same time, our Lord has His hedge of angels around us to do the work. In any event, they need others to do their dirty work. The Jesuits have done this for Rome for centuries, Hitler did it for them not too long ago and now the presidents have been doing their part the last few decades. But, since we are so near the end, Rome has their eye on the Protestant churches to help them finish the job. Why? Presidents can only pass civil law. But the church can do far worse! So.. they get the presidents to be as evil as possible so the greedy pastors step up to do as Rome needs. They then push Roman doctrines forward in law as Christian necessities and wallah, you have the prophecied mark of the beast enforced!

The Vatican knows we’re out there. When I say we, I mean you and me in the prophecied remnant church. They know we know all about them, and they know we can tell you today what  the pope is going to do tomorrow thanks to Christian prophecy being understood by God’s Gideon band. This is why the Bibles of today have so many verses missing in them, and they have so many man made “helps” in them that are designed to make people think in the way they need them to. Now that these wolves in sheep’s clothing have lobbying powers, they will be able to get the powerful D.C. ear to listen. When we step up as prophecied in the Loud Cry, they will be so used to lobbying by now that Sunday Laws will be and easy task for them to push forward as a way to try and stop the present truth. Will it? Not in the slightest! We have God’s Word on that! MARANATHA!

Obama Campaigners push for Sunday Laws?

Turns out, the same group that helped bring “change” to the White House, is right now seeking to bring “change” to religious laws of the land. Specifically in regards to Sunday Laws. On the “Organizing for America” blog ran by staunch Obama supporters, they stated the following reason for such laws…

I have to wonder if there weren’t more benefits to this.  First, without businesses being open, your kids would have nowhere to go for entertainment.  Parents would have at least 1 day they could spend with family & friends without having to align work schedules.  Decrease in gas use across the board.  Less crime (since parents are home on Sundays, there is no reason why you can’t keep an eye on them.)  Fewer homeless people begging in the street (Since there are no people to beg from).  Less Police would be necessary (if any at all… They could go on an “On Call As Needed” basis so they might be able to spend time with family.  Neighbors would have time to get to know each other.  How well do you know your neighbors now?  Have you had any barbecues?  Right now, I would guess that most people who may have barbecues, are only hanging out with people who are white collar regardless of the neighborhood you live in.  Our work schedules can determine what class you relate to and hardens those lines even more.

So perhaps we should consider enacting a Sunday Law.  Not to restrict people from working, but to give liberty to those who can’t choose.  And imagine the tax dollars that would be saved? –Source

Ok, as students of prophecy we know this is not how the Laws will come to be enacted. Our work of preaching present truth, (the Loud Cry) is what causes the Sunday Laws to be enacted. Why? The Truth we preach causes millions around the world to leave the Sunday keeping churches. Seeing how the pastors of those churches do the work for the reason of financial gain as prophecied the wolves will do. They see their livelihood threatened by the fact their cherished tithe pumping congregants are leaving the pews in droves. Seeing how they have already been given political powers as of March 07, 2006 to lobby for laws, they gather together to force Sunday laws to try and shut us up. So, no. this blog is not a prophetically accurate threat by any means. However, the fact this kind of talk is being “inspired by Satan” the world over wherein even bloggers are chiming in makes it obvious we are headed for the home stretch. With that said.. ARE YOU READY?

Inquisition officially returning to Ireland!

On August 23, 2009 the government of Ireland announced plans to reenact an old Vatican law from eons ago. A law that was designed to assure Rome plenty of Christian flesh as fuel for the “celebration fires” of their Inquisition.  Here is a short excerpt from an article that speaks of this “new” law being proposed…

DUBLIN — The Irish government plans to bring into force a new law in October that critics say is a return to medieval justice.

The legislation, aimed at providing judges with clear direction on the 1937 Constitution’s blasphemy prohibition, imposes a fine of up to 25,000 euros — about $39,000 — for anyone who “publishes or utters matter that is [intentionally meant to be] grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion.”

Police with a search warrant will be able to enter private premises and use “reasonable force” to obtain incriminating evidence. –Source

The vagueness of the law will no doubt be the basis of its composition as this will allow for massive gray areas to work with inside the courts. The Roman prelates in the mostly Catholic nation of Ireland will use this to their advantage so as to “try” to prevent the present truth from spreading. With the soon to arrive New World Order, a law like this on the books in any nation will eventually become the norm in all nations as we see happening with Canadian and American law emulation. The NWO pro-Catholic agenda is a must seeing how the Vatican has already been slated to be the globe’s “moral authority” on earth. Back in June of 2000 they solidified their stance when they got all churches to join with them, including the SDA church in their prophecied One World church, or as Rome calls it, the “United Religions Initiative.” (By the way, the National Council of Churches in each nation is considered “local” chapters of the URI)

Back when Rome was killing the Christians during their 1260 year prophecied first run, they would declare it blasphemy if you spoke out against their Eucharist god. (communion wafer) In fact, many of their extra biblical doctrines were used as reasons to condemn many to the flames during this time. Truth is, this power is prophecied to return for Rome. It won’t last anywhere near as long of course, but it will return. To further illustrate their evil plans to get the ball rolling in this “blasphemy” agenda is on track; just recently they added Mary to their list of “gods” in Rome so as to have another item they can place in their blasphemy plate. Kinda like the cops that pull you over for a burned out light on your license plates. They must make sure they have at their disposal any “legal” reason to get their clutches on you. In fact, they already started testing their blasphemy agenda in our day. During John Paul II’s reign, he actually had 5 web sites shut down because he believed it blasphemed Mary. Yes, those that understand Bible doctrine know that it’s impossible to blaspheme Mary because she’s not a “god.” But Rome believes she’s is a god, and therefore speaking about her in a negative way is considered blasphemous.

The way this law appears to be worded, it looks to allow any religion (on good terms with Rome) to step up to declare blasphemy if you so much as speak ill of them. Imagine.. a new religion pops up declaring ash trays to be a god. Someone walks up, puts out a cigarette in the face of this new god, and they are fined $39,000.00 Yes, it seems ludicrous, but plaster statues in the Catholic churches are nothing more than man made items like ash trays. And we all know how Rome worships these statues. With that said, if you walk up to a statue of Mary and use Exodus 20:4-6 (Commandment #2) to expose it as a sin, will it cost you $39,000.00? As far as the wording of the law is now, yes.

Truth is, Rome has been proven to blaspheme the true God thousands of times over the last 1470 years. I can’t imagine how many biblically proven blasphemous statements are on the Vatican website at present. Yet… since Rome has all the power via the global courts, (as fleeting as it is) they can more or less do as they please. Well, at least until Jesus returns.

Truth is, using a Bible, a babe in Christ can prove Rome blasphemes daily. But now that the Bible is considered hate speech thanks to Roman doctrines being embraced by Law. Case in point, the mostly Catholic Supreme Court Judges in the USA consider the Bible a dangerous book. Is this why the Vatican has been so busy censoring the Bible lately? Ok.. that one’s a no-brainer. In any event, with all this hatred of Christianity flourishing in Vatican power circles, one can foresee a dismal future for those that seek to preach Christian truth. But then, that too was prophecied.


Islam not “THE” Antichrist. Rome is lying

A week or so ago I came across a book being offered on an online News portal that looks to be written by Roman Jesuits. The book is doing what Rome has always done in the past. It’s proclaiming someone else to have the title of Antichrist so as to pull the onus off of them. They did this with Nero for many years, they did this with Hitler, and now they’re doing it with Islam. Yes, the Islamic religion is an antichristian religion. But it is not THE antichrist of prophecy. Like Hitler, I do see the Vatican this very day using the Islamic people to do their bidding in the way they are killing Christians every chance they get. So, yes, Islam is a power to contend with an pray about. But they are not THE prophecied antichrist.

In the article sub-headline about the book, they stated the Euro-centric prophecy scholars looking to Rome are all wrong when preaching the Vatican is home to Antichrist. So right off we see the author is indeed pro-Catholic and obviously on their payroll. If we’ve learned anything about this church, it’s they will lie and they will spin-doctor the truth. The ongoing molestation scandals proves this hands down. By the way, just so you know, political spin-doctoring was invented by Rome. Nuff said?

As the article starts it immediately lets the cat out of the bag as to the author’s lack of prophetic understanding as well as use of deception to make a point. He said…

After decades of reading popular prophecy books and even best-selling fiction like the “Left Behind” series, millions of evangelical Christians around the world are dreading the day when a beastly figure known as the Antichrist emerges as a global political and religious dictator. –Source

Here we see them admit at the start of the article that they are basing their need for the book on proven false prophets like Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins who wrote the series “Left Behind.” The authors of the left behind series even admitted it was fiction. Worse yet, the author of this Islamic Antichrist tripe also declares “Left Behind” to be fiction, yet he still uses it as if it’s to be trusted. Why do they do this? It appears obvious to me they did this so as to prevent preachers like me from asking them the hard questions as to WHERE in the Bible they got this stuff. When we approach them, as we have, they come back saying, “It’s fiction, I never stated it was fact.” But do the millions of faithful readers of their series know this? No! In fact, their books are sold in Christians books stores the world over as if they are gospel! That is why the author of this Islamic Antichrist pack of lies uses them as a jumping off point. Continuing in the article…

Most expect him to come from a revived Roman Empire, which many have assumed is associated with the Roman Catholic Church and the European Union. Not so, argues a controversial new book that makes the case that the biblical Antichrist is one and the same as the Quran’s Muslim Mahdi. –Source

Ok, here we got him! If this Mahdi is the antichrist, and the Vatican is not, then he must do all that prophecy says Antichrist will do. So, I ask the following “hard” questions to see if in fact Mahdi is the prophecied antichrist. I do so without expecting the slightest hint of a response from the authors or anyone defendign them of course. Still.. it has to be asked. Reason being is, when the people search for this book online, my hope is that this article on Presents of God’s ministries website comes up wherein they can see the truth about all this.

Besides the many obvious false claims made in the article pushing this book that most students of prophecy can easily expose as Vatican spin-doctoring, the author claims Rome cannot be the 4th Kingdom that Daniel records in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar because they never conquered Babylon. But the Bible clearly states Rome is the whore of Babylon incarnate wherein it adopts all of Babylonian false worship to meld with Christianity. The fact the Vatican religion of Roman Catholicism has been confirmed for over 1471 years now to be replete with Pagan/Babylonian rituals proves this hands down. (For an in depth look at this prophecied 4th kingdom, see this… )

In order for someone to be “the” Antichrist, they must fulfill 100% of each prophecy that speaks of Antichrist. I just shared a quick dozen prophecies out of literally hundreds proving they are lying about the Islamic antichrist. They may very well deceive the masses, but the elect can not be deceived. Praise the Lord for His Word educating His people so as to avoid such idiocies as this.